Finally... the keys to our forever home!
Finally… the keys to our forever home!

They say moving house is one of the most stressful life experiences there is, and if the past few weeks are anything to go by, I concur. Our sale has gone pretty much without a hitch, but we’ve been hit time and time again with problems with the cottage – so much so that we really thought we’d have to drop out not once, but twice.

Our mortgage company have seen it as a bit of a risky property so they wanted to retain quite a hefty chunk from our mortgage funds until we’d completed four essential areas of work – the electrics, the central heating, sorting out the imposing trees and vegetation and rectifying the damp and woodwormy timber. The major problem being that the money they wanted to hold back was the money we needed to do the work in the first place, so the more they wanted to keep until work was done, the harder it became to balance the books and find the money to do the work in the first place! However, after sending a shirty email on Halloween (probably fuelled by one too many cocktails at a Halloween party!) they backed down on everything other than the damp and timber works – victory!

There was also a slight hiccup with the title deeds which appeared to show that a big chunk of the garden didn’t actually belong to the house – cue mass panic and frantic chasing of the vendor to shed light on that one. Turns out the garden was purchased separately and has its own title deed – so easily resolved but we did have a panicky couple of days.

So everything sorted, we finally signed the contracts on the Wednesday and set a completion date of the following Monday, which gave us five days to pack up and get out. And despite only having a modest three-bed terrace, turns out we have A LOT of stuff.

Thanks to the enormous efforts of our family and friends, we managed to pack up and get everything out to a storage unit and to our parents’ houses, as well as clean our old place from top to bottom by the Sunday evening ready for the new owners to move in the next day.

It was a bit bittersweet saying goodbye to what has been a fantastic first family home for us; even more so for Paul since he’s lived there on and off since he was a baby.

But it’s an exciting step – and the right one for us.