The beautiful solid oak flooring upstairs, treated with Osmo raw Polyx Oil for a natural look.

Well, of a fashion. Flooring. It’s been the subject of much debate and we’ve been round the houses with options – carpet, wood, parquet – and even when we thought we’d made up our minds, things happened to change them again.

I was victorious in the carpet vs solid wood debate when it came to the upstairs and, with the flooring fitted – over a couple of weekends by Paul and his dad – and treated with Osmo Polyx Oil in Raw for a totally natural appearance, we’re both in agreement that it looks great, although with the house still being a bit of a building site in places, it gets pretty dusty and needs sweeping and hoovering A LOT!

Solid oak flooring – a good choice!

So downstairs… well, the initial idea was to have the reclaimed parquet we’d been gifted by Paul’s parents throughout the ground floor. The floors had been dug up, insulated and concreted in preparation, so it was finally time to get the parquet out of the garage and get it cleaned and prepped. We estimated that we’d need nearly 2,000 blocks to complete the job and, after getting through not even 100 pieces in four hours and intense scrubbing, sanding and scraping, it became clear we really needed a plan B.

Cleaning parquet is a messy, tough job!

Once again, compromise was the name of the game. We decided to keep the parquet just to the main living room, meaning we’d need around 800 pieces – a much more manageable task – and instead look at tiles for the dining room and kitchen.

We were both drawn to patterned tiles, which we thought were in keeping with the traditional Victorian property, and narrowed it down to two choices from the Laura Ashley Heritage collection – Wicker and Mr Jones, both in the darker Charcoal colourway.

When the samples arrived there was a difference of opinion – I preferred the bold pattern of Wicker while Paul liked the more subtle, paler Mr Jones. And since I won round one with the upstairs wooden flooring, it was time for Paul to pull rank. So Mr Jones it was.

And I have to admit that it was the right choice. The paler tiles work perfectly with the bold Down Pipe wall in the dining room, and the kitchen unit, which we’ve also had painted in Down Pipe.

Laura Ashley’s Mr Jones tiles in Charcoal were the winner.

So floors are nearly finished, although there are still several hundred pieces of parquet to clean and prep if anyone wants to lend a hand?!