Farrow and Ball’s Dimpse in the spare bedroom.

Let’s talk about paint! After walloping the whole house with some 120 litres of brilliant white trade emulsion, it was time to have the conversation about choosing some actual colours for the walls. Now, I’d been familiarising myself with the Farrow and Ball colour chart for some time and had been drawn to, somewhat predictably, pretty much every shade of grey. Paul’s initial reaction was “You can’t paint the whole house grey!” Well, just watch me!

After experimenting with our first selection of sample pots – Cornforth White, Pavilion Grey, Dimpse and the green-grey Mizzle – we decided to add a couple more into the mix: Blackened, which is a paler version of Dimpse, and Skylight, a gorgeous blue-grey which we instantly decided would be a perfect compromise for Ted’s bedroom.

We painted sample patches in different rooms as the light really changes F&B paint, more so than other brands I think, and the final colour scheme was decided as thus:

The cool white-grey tone of Blackened contrasts perfectly with the dramatic Down Pipe.

Blackened for the kitchen and dining room, with the chimney breast wall in the dining room painted in the dark and dramatic Down Pipe to make a bit of a statement – a risk because we just went with it, without trying a sample of the colour first!

Dimpse for the living room and the spare bedroom – being a slightly darker version of Blackened, it meant that the whole of the downstairs living space toned perfectly, and also provided a blank canvas for whatever we decide to do in the spare room.

Pavilion Grey is a classic mid-grey in the main bedroom.

Pavilion Grey for our bedroom – going a bit darker again, as our bedroom is spacious and gets lots of light; it also looks great against the white furniture and pale oak flooring.

The beautiful, cool blue-grey of Skylight was a surprise winner for Ted’s bedroom.

Skylight for Ted’s room – Paul wanted a blue and this was a compromise we were both happy with; it was a bit of a wild card but has actually turned out to be the favourite colour for both of us!

All White – F&B’s freshest, most pure white for the hall and stairs and for all the woodwork, totally in keeping with the clean, crisp feel we’re trying to create throughout the house.

It honestly feels like we’ve been painting forever, and even though it’s pretty much all done apart from the hall and stairs and the doorframes downstairs – we’ve decided to leave the upstairs doorframes natural for the time being – there are still little snags that need touching up in each room, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to put down the paint brushes any time soon!