First night
First night in our new home… cheers!

It was the milestone we’d all been waiting for. And on April 29, five whole months after we got the keys, we were finally able to spend our first night in the house.

With the majority of the main building work completed – building work which eventually meant us pretty much stripping the house back to bare brick and dirt floors – and a temporary new bathroom suite installed (the proper bathroom is another huge project which we’re planning to get done over the late summer months) we felt the house was complete enough for us to muddle through, and safe enough for a toddler!

We’d both taken the week off work after Easter to finally move our stuff out of storage – hooray, storage fees are extortionate! – and into the house; well, as much as we could fit!

When packing up the old house, we THOUGHT we’d been fairly organised but, in hindsight, we’d ended up in a panicked rush, stuffing our belongings into boxes and ramming them into the storage unit without doing the proper, full-on declutter we’d wanted to.

And, you know what? After five months, neither of us had missed or needed any of our mountains of stuff (apart from our bed; after five months on a series of pretty awful mattresses, it was heaven to be reunited with our king-sized bed and amazing Sealy Posturepedic latex-topped mattress of dreams!). With the house as a blank canvas, the last thing we wanted was to fill it with clutter, and so project declutter will continue with a vengeance as we get through the boxes and get organised!

Bedded bliss!
Gorgeous Carron black enamel stove.

The last task we – and by we, I of course mean Paul and his dad! – managed to complete before moving in was the installation of the gorgeous Carron black enamel log burner in the living room. With the chimneys lined early in the new year and the hearth slates fixed the week previously, it was just a case of manoeuvring the ridiculously heavy cast iron burner into place and connecting it up, ready to be signed off by building regs.

Log fire
Enjoying a roaring fire.

We spent that first night with friends, celebrating the move with pink Champagne, Domino’s pizza – hey, still no kitchen! – and the Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko fight (finally got our Sky TV back!). Cheers!